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Easy Layers Heart Pan Set


With this Wilton set of heart shaped cake pans, you can make a five-layer cake with ease for the definite "wow" factor! Save yourself the trouble of torting your cakes to make a trendy tall, multilayer cake. Ombre cakes, rainbow cakes, naked cakes, classic tortes and more... these heart shaped pans make tall trendy layered cakes easy to bake.

One cake mix or a single batch of batter is enough to fill all five pans, and most ovens have space to accommodate all five pans baking at once. The pans in this set are approx. 1,9 cm thick, the perfect depth for a multilayered cake. And the non-stick coating means easy release and clean up!

Set consists of 5 heart shaped pans, each 6 inch diameter and 3/4 inch deep.

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  • Manufactured by: Wilton