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Acrylic Ganache Lids Set of 2 - 11.25 Inch Square


Set of 2 ganache lids are an easy way to give your cake that professional ganache or buttercream finish.

Simply put a ganache lid on top of your cake and the other at the bottom, you can then use them as a guide when smoothing buttercream, ganache or royal icing around the edges of your cakes. This ensures that you will get a perfectly smooth and neat finish.

The boards can also be used as a set up board or cake board.

With the extra 0.25", our boards make it easy to completely cover your cakes with perfect edges. The extra 0.25" also allows for ganache or buttercream etching.

The ganache lids are made from high quality food-safe acrylic. the acrylic is clear so it's easy to see through it.

After you have finished using your ganache lids, wash them in warm soapy water with a sponge or cloth and store in a safe location. Do not put your lids in the dishwasher as it will cause the acrylic to go cloudy or warp, and do not use any abrasive materials such as scourers.

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